Exhibitors 2018
Affourtit-Slotboom -Viols, cello, viola da Gamba & bows
Aquila Strings -Gut, wound & synthetic strings
Ardival Harps -Historical harps
Thijs van Baarsel -Transverso, renaissance & baroque flutes
Benslow Music  -Music courses, concerts
Claire Berget -Baroque bows
Boaz Berney -Transvere flutes
Bexley Harpsichords -Harpsichord and organ hire, tuning and concert services
Phil Bleazey -Flutes, whistles & ,recorders
Stephan Blezinger -Recorders
Philippe Bolton -Recorders
Wes Brandt -Viols
Matthew Coltman -Baroque & classical instruments & bows
Tim Cranmore -Recorders, baroque & medieval
Jack Darach -Baroque & contemporary recorders
Lawrence Dodd -Luthier
The Early Music Shop -Historical instruments, recorders, Lu Mi viols, Used Instruments
EMS London -Facsimiles
Early Music Shop Workshops                         -Medieval, renaissance, baroque instruments & instrument kits
Edition Walhall -Facsimiles
Coen Engelhard -Bows
Fretwork -Sheet Music
Aurelie Georges -Bows
Benjamin Glauser -Historical flutes
Sam Goble -Cornetti
Hands on Harps -Harps
Fritz Heller -Renaissance woodwind
Bernd Hiller -Violins
Eitan Hoffer -Bows
Sean Jones -Bagpipes & tabor pipes
Marcos Kaiser -Lutes, guitar & hurdy-gurdy
Kingham MTM Cases -Instrument cases
Kobliczek -Renaissance and baroque recorders and flutes
Doris Kulossa -Recorders
Kunath Recorders -Recorders
Kung -Recorders
Gerhard Landwehr -Historical bows
Lute Society -Music, books & cds
Shem Mackey -Viols, violin, baryton & viola
Terry Mann  -Tabor pipes, medieval recorders, bagpipes
Medieval Music in the Dales  -Sheet Music, CDs & accessories
Moeck UK -Recorders
Mollenhauer -Renaissance, Baroque & modern recorders
Christopher Monk Instruments -Cornetts & serpents
Richard Moser -Baroque & classical bows
Eric Moulder -Renaissance woodwind
NEMA -Publicity
Paetzold -Recorders
Jim Parr -Shawms, bagpipes & chalumeaux
Peacock Press -Sheet music
Simon Polak -Early flutes
Mathieu Pradels -Viola da gambas & violins
Thomas Prescott -Baroque, transitional & renaissance recorders
Michel Proulx -Bows
Recorder Music Mail -Sheet Music
R E Reubens -Antique instruments
Stephen Robinson -Spinets after Thomas Hitchcock
Rondo Publishing -Sheet Music
Roger Rose -Baroque bows for viola da gamba & violin family
Marco Salerno -Viols, cello, medieval instruments, lirone & lutes
Ekkard Seidl -Violins, viola, violoncello & viola d’amore
Micha Silkenat -Recorders
Marc Soubeyran -Violins & viola da gamba
George Stevens -Harps, lutes, gitterns & guitars
Jonathan Swayne -Bagpipes & whistles
Takeyama -Recorders
Giovanni Tardino -Transverse flutes
Used Instrument Agency -Second hand instruments
Viola da Gamba Society -Music editions & viol related merchandise
Von Huene Workshops -Recorders
Weemaels   -Baroque flutes
Martin Wenner -Recorders
West Dean College of Arts & Conservation -Viols & other stringed instruments
Andrew Wooderson -Harpsichords, spinets & virginals
Yaou Muziek -Cases, bags & baroque instruments