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Hauwe: The Modern Recorder Player (Volume 1)

by Schott
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The Modern Recorder Player is a 3 volume collection by famous recorder teacher Walter van Hauwe. All musical examples and fingerings are for the alto (treble) recorder, but the principles and techniques are essential for playing on all recorders!

Volume 1 focusses on correct posture and breathing, fingering and tongue technique.

Get the complete collection with Volume 2 & Volume 3.

Volume 1 Contents:

Part I: How to Hold the Recorder
1. the Right Hand
2. The Left Hand
3. The Lips
4. The Fair Distribution of the Weight

Part II: How to Move the Fingers
1. The Movement Itself
2. The Right Hand
3. The Left Hand
4. The "Half-holes"
5. The Left Thumb
6. Which Fingers Do What?
7. Table of Fingerings
8. Exploring Combinations of Fingers

Part III: About Breathing
1. Inhalation
2. Exhalation
3. How to Hold the Air

Part IV: About Articulation
1. The consonants
2. The Position of the Tongue with Single T and D
3. double Tonguing with T and D
4. Double Tonguing with More than Two Syllables
5. Legato-Portato-Staccato
6. The Consonants K and G