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A Taborer's Treasury - Volume 3. by Terry Carter


A Taborer's Treasury - Volume 3. by Terry Carter

Cotswold Morris Dance Tunes

A selection of Morris Dance tunes

Arranged for Pipe and Tabor

A pictorial celebration of Morris Taboring

Tunes can also be played on other instruments e.g. flute, recorder and violin.


Contained in this volume are the following:

(i) Introduction

(ii) Fingering Chart, some tips on learning and some basic Morris

Tabor rhythms

(iii) Thoughts on playing for Morris Dancing

(iv) List of Morris Dances and Extras

Pages 1 to 35 Morris Dance Tunes

Page 36 Joe Powell’s Pipe and Tabor/ The Txistu

Page 37 Winsome Bartlett and Joan Sharp

Page 38 Acknowledgments

Page 39 More photographs

Why not join The Taborers Society. They hold Festivals twice a year in

different parts of the country, where you will meet fellow taborers and some

inspirational players from home and abroad.

Try this free download: Terry Carter Tabor Pipe Fingering Chart