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Stephen Haddock 4 Course Renaissance Guitar

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Haddock 4 Course Renaissance Guitar - One of Stephen's most popular 4 Course Renaissance Guitar made especially for The Early Music Shop.

Optional Extra - Fully Fitted/Shaped Hard Case by Kingham: click here

Typical Specification:-
(the actual guitar supplied may vary from this specification, so please ask for full details of the current model in stock)

Back:               Sycamore, Walnut & Cherry
Neck:               Cherry & Sycamore
Pegbox:           Cherry 
Ribs:                Cherry
Bridge:            Plum
Fingerboard:   Walnut
Pegs:               Boxwood
Nut:                 Bone
Soundboard:   Alpine Spruce
Strap Button:  Boxwood

Tuning A, E E, C C G  g (octave)
Vibrating String Length 530mm


1st  A Aquila Nylgut 1 x AQUL42NG
2nd E Aquila Nylgut   2 x AQUL50NG
3rd  C Aquila Nylgut   2 x AQUL64NG 
4th  G Aquila Nylgut   1 x AQUL82NG + Octave g  1 x AQUL42NG
Fretgut:      0.80mmØ

For spare strings, simply use the product codes above to search our website.