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Scoppola: Method for Descant Recorder

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This method of instrumental practice is aimed at all those who, at any age, wish to learn to play the descant recorder, through the reading of music. During the course, step by step, the various chapters introduce the fingering for the recorder, together with the understanding of the musical symbols. The goal, at the end of the study course, is to be in a position to perform all the notes on the instrument and to be able to read music at a basic level, which is the first step in dealing with the specific technical studies and the music written for the instrument.
Each chapter, through progressive exercises, introduces a new note and new topics of music theory, in order to achieve a gradual mastery of the fingering of the instrument. The progression suggested for learning the fingering begins with the use of the five fingers of the left hand, then to proceed to the use of the right hand. Each topic is then examined closely by studying pieces from the traditional, Renaissance, Baroque and Classical repertoires. The scales are also introduced gradually, aiming to help the student master the fingering of the scales up to three sharps and three flats and relative minor scales.
The progressive difficulty found in the course of the method is measured according to the experience gained from teaching students of different ages, and can be varied and adapted to the needs of each student. The workbook at the start of each chapter can be condensed, expanded or developed in relation to different learning abilities.
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