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Platinum Lute Bundle - 7 Course Lute in G after Frei by George Stevens

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£5,685.08 excluding VAT (UK Export Price)

 7 Course Lute in G after Frei by George Stevens

This is a handmade renaissance lute by English luthier George Stevens, who is known for his superb attention to both detail and quality of sound. It is a professional quality instrument, suitable for all serious lute players as well as players who want finer craftsmanship and an instrument individual to them. This 7-course lute is after an original by Hans Frei (1450–1523), Bologna, Italy circa 1500..

George uses a variety of the highest quality woods and materials for all his lutes and this lute is no exception!

  • Back – 11 Ribs in alternating apple and sycamore with black spacers
  • Neck & Pegbox: sycamore veneered in pear wood
  • Bridge & Caping:  sycamore veneered in pear wood
  • Fingerboard & Pointers: Laburnum
  • Pegs: Mottled Holly
  • Nut and Strap Button: Ebony
  • Soundboard: Alpine Spruce with Plum half-edging
  • Finish: Multi-coat Oil finish 

This instrument has a string length of 620mm and is strung in unison with Aquila strings. 

For replacement strings view the stringing chart for George Stevens instruments.

Lute & Kingham Case

Due to the high standard and fine quality of this lute, we thoroughly recommend you select the Kingham Hard Case when purchasing it. Alternately you can choose to include a padded bag or semi-rigged gig case should you require a case.

Platinum Lute Bundle

The platinum lute bundle comes with this lute, a Kingham hard case, a tuner, a lute strap, spare set of Aquila Nylgut strings and a lute tutor book by Peter Croton. 

About George Stevens

George Stevens is an English maker of fine quality hand-crafted early musical instruments of the medieval, renaissance and baroque periods. George has been making lutes, harps and other plucked instruments since 1989 when he enrolled at the London College of Furniture. By the summer of 1994 he had successfully completed five years of instrument making, study and research into the subject and attained a BSc. Hons.

Since leaving LCF he has continued instrument making to the high standard demanded by professional musicians and serious amateurs alike. After some time spent in the West Country he set up a permanent workshop in Kent in 1998, where he has created in excess of 250 instruments and sold worldwide. Though he has also made classical guitars and members of the mandolin family and carried out numerous repairs to various types of stringed instruments, early instrument making is still very much his specialist area for which he is well known.

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