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Skrabl 4ft Portative Organ Kit - (for home assembly) - including table and stool

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by Skrabl
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The new Skrabl 4’ Portative is offered as a finished instrument ready to play but also available in kit form for home assembly. It has a compass G - g’’’. ’ 49 notes - an extended 4’ Gedackt which plays as if in unison. It looks attractive, with a pleasant historically based casework and with a good mechanical action which make it an ideal instrument for home practice. It will, with only a few exceptions, tackle the bulk of the classical organ repertoire with a compass of 49 notes and considered to be not beyond the means of even an inspired student or an enthusiastic adult to build when supplied in kit form.

The kit is supplied with a laminated soundboard and all its parts completed as far as is reasonably possible and construction is suitable for anyone with a keen DIY background . An informative instruction manual and drawing with photographs guides the kit builder through each stage of construction. The organ splits down to three main parts making it a very portable organ and fitting easily into a standard estate car. The blower and regulator splits away reducing the height to manageable proportions. There is also planned; a kit which provides Pedals - permanently coupling the manual to Pedals 20 notes CC - G (not included but available in the future at an additional cost).

Disposition: G - g''' above (49 notes).
Dimensions: 98.1cm x 51cm x 182.6cm
Weight (with pipe work): 86kg

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