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The Kings Pavan - CD - The York Waits

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The Kings Pavan - CD - The York Waits


1. Blow thy horn, hunter William Cornysh (d.1523)

2. This enderis day/Ly bens distonys/ Prenés in gre/ Northumberland/

Esperans anon. Gresley ms., c.1500

3. Amours, amours pub. Pierre Attaingnant, 1533

4. Amour partés Philip van Wilder (c.1500-1553)

5. Adieu, adieu, my heartes lust Cornysh

6. Je file quand Dieu me donne de quoy van Wilder

7. La Magdalena Pierre Blondeau, pub Attaingnant, 1530

8. Whoso that will himself apply Rysbie

9. Lauda anima mea dominum Clemens non Papa (c.1510-1556)

10. Si je perdu mon amy anon. Liber Fridolin Sichery c.1510

11. Sauff aus und machs bit lang Heinrich Finck (c.1445-1527)

12. My Lady Carey’s Dompe attrib. Hugh Aston (c.1485-1558)

Hornpipe d’Angleterre Guillaume Morlaye, pub.1553

13. Pastime with good company Henry VIII (r.1509-1547)

14. The King’s Pavan anon.

15. En vray amour Henry VIII

16. Il estoit une fillette pub. Susato, 1551

17. O my heart Henry VIII

18. Tandernaken, al op den Rijn anon.

19. Taundernaken Henry VIII

20. Dit le Bourgignon anon., pub. Petrucci 1501

21. Lusty youth should us ensue Henry VIII

22. Whoso that will for grace sue Henry VIII