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Lockdown Lute with Jacob Heringman - Part 4

Lockdown Lute with Jacob Heringman - Part 4

Part 4 - Sixteenth-Century Repertoire  Don't forget to tune in for the final part of this mini series next week!

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Geoff Haxell - March 9, 2021

I was very interested in your observation/suggestion that some early guitar music can be played on the ukulele. Can you suggest a tab book/resource that can be used fot playing around with this idea please? I have tried speaking to EMS but they have not come up with anything.

Daniel Ledesma - November 20, 2020

Hi Jacob, can you talk about the right hand technique?

Koko - November 20, 2020

I had always wanted to learn more about the lute and have been enjoying your videos. Your voice was very faint when you spoke in front of your book case (part 3, when you introduce the different instruments). I don’t want to miss a thing and would love to be able to hear you better. The sound seems better in your other settings.
It would be helpful if you could include the name of the instruments, composers, and pieces you play in the written part of the blog for reference.

I hope you continue with this! Perhaps go through different periods or composers? Or an actual how to play the lute?
You are a wonderful resource, and thank you for creating these!

Jeremy Vevers - November 20, 2020

What I could hear was fascinating. I have just embarked on the Renaissance lute journey at the age of….well early 70’s, and I found these very useful. But I am not sure about the labelling of each video as “next” sent me to the previous video. I still can’t find week 5! Hungry for more! Many thanks Jeremy

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