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Monday 3rd December

Monday 3rd December

Today we’re focussing on four new instruments, available to try, order and/or buy at the Early Music Shop. In no particular order:


Wenner Baroque Flute after Buffardin le Fils
A new baroque flute model from German maker Martin Wenner which we first saw at this year’s London Exhibition of Early Music. It’s a delightful addition to Martin’s catalogue, with an ease and openness that’s very similar to his hugely popular Palanca model.


Bressan by Blezinger Alto Recorder at a=415
Many year’s ago Stephan brought out his award winning Bressan handmade model in a more affordable range, the Bressan by Blezinger. These instruments are voiced by Stephan and have an exquisite rich and sonorous tone. He’s just released a low-pitch version of the boxwood alto.


Takeyama Renaissance Soprano
This year we were delighted to see Takeyama’s new renaissance recorders at the exhibition. These recorders play with a strong, full tone with excellent attack, perfect for ensemble and solo playing.


Millyard Oboe d’amore after Eichentopf
English maker Tony Millyard has been working on his new oboe d’amore which premiered at the London Exhibition in November. These new models follow on from his superbly successful and well-received baroque oboes and are available to order now!
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